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Transportation Statistics Annual Report (TSAR) 1996

Transportation Statistics Annual Report (TSAR) 1996 Author: Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Format:  Print (Soft Cover, 300 pages)
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Publisher: Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Number: None

This year's report has an in-depth discussion on transportation and the environment, including environmental impacts and trends, metropolitan air quality, and an analysis of international trends in transportation-related air pollution. In addition, this report includes two appendices--an overview of the U.S. commercial airline industry and a synopsis of a conference on the full social costs and benefits of transportation.

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the nation's transportation system and the state of transportation statistics. This report analyzes trends and recent developments related to travel, freight movement, system extent and condition, the economic performance of transportation, safety, energy, and the environmental consequences of transportation. This report is a companion to the National Transportation Statistics report.

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