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Journal of Transportation and Statistics (JTS), Volume 2, Number 1

Journal of Transportation and Statistics (JTS), Volume 2, Number 1 Author: Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Format:  Print (Soft Cover, 118 pages)
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Publisher: Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Publication Date: May 1999
Publication Number: ISSN-1094-8848

This journal focuses on a variety of topics. Paper titles in this journal are the following: Growth in Motor Vehicle Ownership and Use: Evidence from the Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey; The Dimensions of Motor Vehicle Crash Risk; Do Environmental Regulations Increase Construction Costs for Federal-Aid Highways? A Statistical Experiment; Rural Transportation Voucher Program for People with Disabilities: Three Case Studies; The Usefulness of Current International Air Transport Statistics; and Office Development, Parking Management, and Travel Behavior: The Case of Midtown Atlanta.

The Journal of Transportation and Statistics features original research that measures transportation activity and its importance to society, analyzes the consequences of transportation activity, evaluates the performance of transportation systems, analyzes transportation trends, and advances the science of acquiring, validating, managing, and disseminating transportation information.

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